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Garry at JJS

Garry’s latest update from Jeevan Jyoti School

Garry's latest update from Jeevan Jyoti School

Charity does not end at Jeevan Jyoti School with our lincs2nepal scholarships, charity is happening all day, every day. Just this year, we have fed and looked after thousands of people during Covid and provided much needed aid for hundreds of people affected by the flooding.


To keep JJS running as well as it does and looking spotless takes an army of people. Our school principal, Jomon, has rescued 15 families from homelessness and domestic abuse and these families now live in accommodation next to the school, built by JJS. They receive shelter, food, jobs, a wage, respect and most importantly, the best education for their children that Nepal can offer. All of their children are on lincs2nepal scholarships.

Food prep

The parents cook at the school. We currently have 1362 children. Most of them receive a hot lunch and, at present, our older classes are in school from 7am to 7pm as they catch up on missed education through Covid, so breakfast and dinner are also provided.



They also clean the school and look after the farm animals. They have been taught building, welding and fabrication and now construct our new building projects and make all of our desks and tables. All of this is done with a smile on their faces, as you can imagine. JJS never stops giving, it is truly incredible.



Lincs2Nepal helps Bipisha with her studies

Lincs2Nepal helps Bipisha with her studies

Garry Goddard is currently in Nepal and tells the story:
“Yesterday in Kathmandu, I had the pleasure of meeting up with a young lady who I first met as an 11 year old, back in 2015 while myself and Leo were out here doing earthquake relief work. Her name is Bipisha and she lives in Kathmandu, but her grandparents lived in the village of Hokshe. Hokshe had been devastated by the earthquake and sadly, Bipisha’s grandmother died when their house collapsed. We gave Bipisha, her father and her uncle a lift to Hokshe in our truck. We had the Good Morning Britain film crew with us and I remember them interviewing Bipisha. Her English was amazing, as was her courage at such a difficult time for her. Bipisha said that she wanted to be a nurse when she grew up. Bipisha is now 17, has left school with an A plus and still wants to be a nurse. Unfortunately her parents cannot afford the 3 year college course, so it is an absolute pleasure to support her through her 3 year course and help her achieve her dream. Her ambition is to have a clinic helping the lower caste and homeless in her country. I have absolutely no doubt that she will achieve that ambition.
Charity isn’t about how much you spend, it’s about how you spend it.”
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How does Darton Primary School support Lincs2Nepal?

How does Darton Primary School support Lincs2Nepal?