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Give life changing education

Can you help us give a child from a lower caste background a life-changing education at Jeevan Jyoti School? Sponsorship costs £15 per month and our scholarship scheme covers not only each child’s education, but also their uniform, shoes, backpack, school dinners and other essentials. Most people set up a regular payment via Justgiving, but you can pay by standing order to the charity’s bank account if you prefer.

As a sponsor you can send letters and photos to your child twice each year, which we deliver in person, and you can expect to get a photo of your child plus (depending on their age) drawings and/or letters in return. Some sponsors join our twice-yearly visits, at their own expense, and meet their child(ren).

We currently have almost 500 children at Jeevan Jyoti School who have sponsors in place. However, there are c. 30 other children who still need a sponsor, including the nine pictured below.

If you would like to change the life of one of these children, please message us using details on the contact page or email us at and we will get back to you. And if you can’t afford it at the moment, then please spread the word amongst your family and friends.

Dibyans, aged 3
Puspa, aged 3
Evan, aged 3
Kismat, aged 3
Ragina, aged 3
Samir, aged 3
Monika, aged 6
Dikesh, aged 9
Kristi, aged 4