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A shopping trip with a difference

Garry had the most amazing afternoon on Saturday. After flying back to Kathmandu, he took the kids from the 40FRIENDS children’s home out shopping. They previously relied on donated clothes from volunteers, but there haven’t been any visits for over two years, so they only had a handful of clothes each.

Although the oldest kids are 17 years old, they had never been in a department store, never had money in their pockets and never bought anything for themselves. So Garry hired a bus, gave them ten thousand rupees each (£63) and took them to a Kathmandu department store that is like a cross between Binns and Sports Direct (except the power goes down every half hour or so, leaving the store is in virtual darkness!) Three and a half hours later, they were all spent up and Garry took a very happy, thankful, respectful group of children for their first ever visit to a fast food restaurant.

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