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Pre-school update

Before the lower caste village children join us at Jeevan Jyoti School, they need to learn the basic values and disciplines that our children learn from us as parents and that we take for granted. To facilitate this, Lincs2Nepal has pre-schools in four very poor, rural communities, which can best be described as medieval. The children come to us at around 2 or 3 years old and after a year, they are ready to join us at JJS. Unfortunately, two of the pre-school buildings are no longer fit for purpose.


Thanks to the generous support of Mark and Cheryl, Lincs2Nepal have almost completed two new school /community buildings in the villages of Lakanwar and Akalgawa. We decided to make one of the buildings two storeys and provide a home on the top floor for one of our school bus drivers and his family who currently live in a tin hut. Our pre-schools also provide jobs and income for eight families. Here are some pictures of the new buildings which will be open within a month.