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We've Accomplished Alot

But there is still much to do!

Lincs2Nepal have been involved in quite a few projects over the years, some long-term projects and some one off donations to help whenever and wherever help is needed.

Supported Numerous Orphanages and Children's Homes

We supported an orphanage for 3 years in Kathmandu and also supported the Morning Star Pre-School at Nakku bridge, the New Kopila orphanage and 2 other Nepali children’s homes until they were able to operate self-sufficiently.

Rescuing and Reuniting Trafficked Children

We worked alongside Next Generation Nepal in facilitating the rescue of trafficked children from illegally run children’s homes and reuniting the children with their families.

School Support

We provided all the equipment and resources for a sports department and a science department at a large school in Lumbini.

Earthquake Relief Work

We flew out immediately after the earthquakes in 2015 and spent the next few months providing much needed food, clothes, medical care and other essentials before building over 6oo shelters for villagers who had lost their homes. Our founder, Garry, led this campaign and as a result, reached the finals of the “pride of Britain awards”.

Bagmati River Shoe Project

For several years, we took shoes to the children who live on the rubbish dumps on the banks of the Bagmati River.

Chitwan Nutrition and Education Support

We supported 2 schools in Chitwan by providing kitchen equipment, food, educational resources, a library, teacher training and much more for over 2 years helping them to become self-sufficient.

HIV Centre

We provided much needed medicine, food and equipment to a HIV centre for children in Kathmandu.


Our Flagship School, Jeevan Jyoti (Light and Life)

We opened the Jeevan Jyoti school in 2014 with our partner Fr Jomon James from the Nepali catholic church. We opened with 124 mixed caste children, with 62 lower caste children being on Lincs2Nepal scholarships. 7 years later, the school has grown massively, won numerous awards and under Jomon’s guidance is flourishing. We now have over 1000 students with 454 of them on L2N scholarships.

Community Outreach

We work with the village communities where many of our lower caste children live. We have run women’s empowerment groups in the villages, health and hygiene workshops, sexual health clinics, menstrual health clinics, nutrition programmes, provided water purifiers and much more. We have also set up feeder schools in the villages which the lower caste children attend before joining us at Jeevan Jyoti school. These feeder schools have also provided jobs for some of the ladies in the villages.

Hospital Support

We support a large teaching hospital in Kohalpur by taking over hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of medical supplies which are considered surplus to requirements at hospitals in the UK and are destined for landfill. In exchange, our children and their families and communities receive free health care at the hospital.

Life Saving Covid Relief

We ran 2 appeals during the covid lockdowns in Nepal and provided thousands of families with food and other essentials to sustain them through the lockdown periods. We also provided many life-saving oxygen cylinders to hospitals, covid centres, clinics and we also turned the Vanessa Riches suite into a temporary hospital ward.

HCC Children's Home

We are currently partnering “One Golden Angel” in supporting the HCC children’s home in Kathmandu.

Flood Relief Work

During the floods in 2021, we provided thousands of pounds worth of food and essentials for the displaced communities of Kanchanpur and Bardiya.

We have also helped many other people and projects – our work has saved, and changed, countless lives over the years.