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How does Darton Primary School support Lincs2Nepal?

We started working with Lincs2Nepal in 2017 as our school’s international charity. Nepal is a poor country, its capital city is called Kathmandu and they have big floods and even earthquakes sometimes.

Since then, we have helped raise thousands of pounds for Lincs2Nepal. A group of tuck shoppers work every day to run a tuck shop at morning play to raise money and this is our main fundraising project. We have tuck shop every day of the week apart from Saturday and Sunday. We fill the trolley full of healthy food like fruit winders, snack-a-jacks, fruit drinks and cereal bars and many other things and people enjoy eating it and in the summer we even have cold, tasty ice pops! We take the trolley out and people queue and pay 50p for one thing or £1 for two things. Then, when we have finished, we leave our float money in a classroom and we count the profit, take it to reception and put it in a small, blue tin which lives in the safe to keep the money safe.

Darton Primary 2
Tuck Shop in action
Darton Primary 8
Calendar sponsorship

One of the first things our school ever did with the profit is we bought Christmas presents for some of the children in an orphanage in Nepal as they don’t get presents at that time of year.

Each year, we have sponsored the Lincs2Nepal Calendar using tuck shop profit (£50 a year) and we then get to put our school logo on the calendar so everyone can see what a kind school we are.

In 2019, we raised money using the tuck shop and our talent show (Darton’s Got Talent) and sent one of our teachers, Miss Fisher, to Nepal to help lots of teachers. She took maths equipment for the children there and helped the teachers know some ways we learn in England. We made friendship bracelets which were very fiddly to make and the children in Nepal made some back for us too. Some of us got to facetime the children in Nepal. When she came back, she showed us lots of photos and we liked seeing the school animals and where the children in Nepal live and what their classrooms are like.

Friendship bracelets for the children of Nepal and Miss Fisher training teachers at Jeevan Jyoti School
Darton Primary 1
A picture that we painted for our Nepalese Day

During the Covid appeal, we made paintings to sell for oxygen tanks to help the people in need. We learnt that you can’t get oxygen and hospital care as easily or for free in Nepal.

In 2021, we had a Nepalese day and we made keyrings and paintings to raise awareness. Some people still have the keyrings on their bags to show they care about people in Nepal. Our parents gave money on parentpay to help Lincs2Nepal.

Last year, our tuck shop raised £700 and our Nepalese day raised nearly £300. We are happy to raise money for charity and our parents help us to do this by letting us spend at the tuck shop and donating. This money is going to ‘sponsor a classroom’ at the school and buy equipment for the new nursery children at the school to use.

Darton Primary 7
Garry visiting our school to update us on life in Nepal


By Alice, Tamsin, Alistair, Albie, Charlotte, Hollie, Dotty, Bella, Haris, Oliver, Zain, Mehetabel, Tianna, Ronnie, William, Levi, Theo and Molly – the tuck shop leaders from Darton Primary School.